Welcome to Herbs ‘n Birds. We have a variety of health and nutrition products for you and your pets. We started with Pet Bird supplements from the Birdcare Company and added foods and other products for your pet birds.

For dogs and cats we have all natural foods from Healthy Pet Net featuring Life’s Abundance. These foods do NOT contain wheat, corn, or dairy. Corn and wheat can cause skin problems in your pets. What about artificial colors? or preservatives? Healthy Pet Net also has a Canine Zone formula for overweight dogs.

If you want to learn more you can listen to Dr. Jane Bicks on “Do You Really Know What’s In Your Pet’s Food?”

Click Here to Listen to a Presentation by Dr. Jane Bicks called
Do You Really Know What’s In Your Pet’s Food?

We also have dog and cat food from Flint River Ranch. These are also natural dry kibbles for dogs and cats. We even have a lite formula for any overweight cats you may have.

For you we have nutritional supplements from Herbalife and Essential Oils from Young Living. I love these products!

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