GTA 5 Online Co-Op

New Updates on GTA 5 Online Co-Op Heists Mode will Take Place in Christmas Season


Rockstar Games announced to fans that they will be launching the co-op heist mode for GTA 5 hack tool Online on Monday. It has been some time since the release of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions. Rockstar Games is convinced that now is the right time for them to launch the co-op heist mode into the console versions.

For the next update, Rockstar Games will add new jobs into the game. Many fans are annoyed because they didn’t state when the next update will occur. There was one time when Rockstar made the same promise to fans but they end up delaying the update.

Rockstar has launched many patches to fix the bugs in GTA 5 but these patches only fix the small bugs. Players are looking forward for Rockstar to launch the next patch which will fix the major bug issues in the game. There is a rumor that claimed the developer will be launching a few updates along with the new patch in GTA 5.

Rockstar will be adding some new features with Christmas theme during the holiday season when they launch the heist mode. For example, players will be able to turn on and off the snow weather in the game. This feature enables players to have control over the weather in the GTA 5 game. So here you go, they will be adding two important features into the next update of the GTA 5 Online, which are Christmas themed game and the cooperative heist mode.

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Rockstar Games Launches a New Title Update that Fix Bug Issues in PC Version of GTA 5

Rockstar Games Launches a New Title Update that Fix Bug Issues in PC Version of GTA 5


There are lesser bug issues in the PC version of the GTA 5 game after the development team launched the new title update on Tuesday. The full change log of the latest title update can be found on the website of Rockstar Games. The latest patch for GTA 5 money hack tool was released on the 21st of April.

Many bug issues in the desktop version of Grand Theft Auto 5 have been removed through the 335.1 patch. The patch, which was launched in the early part of this month, has brought significant improvements on the gameplay. The patch helps to get rid of many bugs that players frequently encounter in the game.

With the new patch, players won’t be able to buy new cars if their garage don’t have adequate spaces to keep them. The patch also fix the screen freezing problem in the GTA 5 Online.

The 335.1 patch allows players to test their graphic cards with the benchmark tool. By performing the benchmark test, players can gauge how fast is the game performance. Besides, the patch also prevent the frame rate from dropping when you are playing the GTA 5 Online game.

Rockstar Games has finally launched GTA 5 after letting players wait for a long time. The original first generation console versions of GTA 5 were launched in 2013. They made the Xbox One and PS4 versions available last year. The new patch enables players to import the characters from GTA Online console to PC.